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Fairy Kei Links Part I

When it comes to fashion, I am obsessed with fairy kei style. Almost until it's unhealthy... But anyways, I remember when I first started collecting fairy kei clothes, it was hard because I didn't have enough knowledge or links to any shops. So for those out there just beginning or who want more info on the fashion, I'll post some links for websites that sell cute fairy kei items!

The second thing that comes to mind when I think fairy kei is tights. Lots and lots of pastel colored tights, and this site not only has tights but thigh highs, knee socks, fishnets, and more! Perfect for any coord too!

You can't even begin to comprehend how much I LOVE this shop! Just about everything in here screams fairy kei! Entering the webshop is like an explosion of glitter, tulle, bows, sweets, pearls, ponies, bunnies, and more! And so cheap, too! Unlike other fairy kei brands. Plus, no shopping service needed as they ship overseas. I have bought from them before, and highly recommend them. They have good English, easy to understand, and give you a tracking number.

One of the greatest things about being a girl is that we usually stop growing around 12-14. Being short and too thin, I felt like a stick. But now, I'm thankful because being short and thin means I can but clothes from the children's section, and they tend to fit better. And when it comes to girl's clothing, who makes dreams come true? That's right, Disney! But in general, I tend to browse the children's section in any store.

If you have been like me and been stalking blogs of fairy kei girls like the girls from the brand Spank!, then you have seen these. The Reebok Freestyle Hi! To me, this shoe is the essence of fairy kei. Just about every fairy kei blog girl I've seen has a pair. I have two of them, a pink and a mint that I got both on sale for less than seventy with the shipping. They're comfy too!

They sell Chinese brand lolita clothes, but some of their stuff is so cute and usable for fairy kei! I recently ordered a white fluffy parka with pink and white polka dot lining and fluffy ribbons on the pockets as well as a pink beret with a ribbon on the back with pearls. They also have replicas of Angelic Pretty OTKs! So cute! And also they supply Secret Shop shoes and are doing an order right now for the special color Tea Party Shoes. I want to get a pair in lavender, but I'm afraid I'll be too late to order, as well as the fact I've been buying too much lately!

www.nile-jp.com/Nile Perch is sort of like... 80s girl night shirt with lace and bows and cuteness! Their clothing style, well... It doesn't suit my style because it's more 80s little girl than 80s fairy princess. But their accessories are really cute and one of a kind.

Spank! and it's sub-brands are also similar to Nile Perch, but are more of 80s tween/early teen girl. Unicorns, pink kittens, and squishy bows pretty much sum it up, but you must see to believe!


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Mar. 12th, 2012 09:01 pm (UTC)
These japanese sites...they require your province in japan and whatnot. If you don't live in Japan what are you to do?
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